Case Study – Freuds Communications and UBS Bank

posted on Tuesday 12 July

Freuds Communications on behalf of UBS Bank

4-7 July 2016

The launch of the Thought Leadership platform.

Objectives and Aims

To build an installation by Los Angeles artist Chris Milk within the Theatre. Called the ‘Treachery of Sanctuary’, the installation used video projection, Microsoft Kinect 3d scanners and giant video screens to create an interactive reality.  Using the Sheldonian Theatre as one of the main exhibition spaces for this Avant-guard piece of art enabled the client to utilise adjacent venues for a lecture, drinks reception and dinner.

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The challenge was to create a structure within the Theatre to house the installation whilst protecting the fabric of the historic building. First a protective carpet was laid over the whole of the floor area followed by the metal skeleton 9m x 13m, which due to the weight needed to be assembled on six supportive cranes. The skeleton was then covered in blackout curtains and elevated to 6.5 metres in height and the supporting pillars fixed. Once this was complete the three giant screen, projectors, scanners and computers which made up the installation could be fixed in place.

Even though the technicians had to work in a confined and delicate environment, their professionalism in respecting our venue and delivering the performance on time was exemplary.

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What made it different?

This was the first time the Theatre had taken on a project as ambitious as this and it’s certainly moved us out of our comfort zone! The client found a way of opening the space up for a new type of project, one that engaged people’s imaginations and allowed them to be part of the art. All the invited guests were having fun with virtual reality and lots of laughter could be heard from the Theatre; they were all amazed by the installation and the technology used.