Sheldonian Theatre 350th Anniversary Community Engagement Scheme

posted on Friday 10 May

This year marks the Sheldonian Theatre’s 350th Anniversary, and to celebrate this exciting occasion, the Curators have launched the Sheldonian Theatre 350th Anniversary Community Engagement Scheme.

The scheme provides up to four community groups with complimentary or subsidised access to the Sheldonian Theatre to hold events that are open to the public. So often linked to classical concerts and grand private University events, the Sheldonian is a wonderfully versatile building and this is a fantastic opportunity for a local community group to bring something different to our theatre.

To be eligible for the scheme, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a registered charity working locally with an existing track record of organising similar events
  • The event must normally involve University staff with a mutually beneficial shared objective
  • The event must adhere to our standard contract terms and conditions
  • The event must be inkeeping with the venue which is a Grade I listed building

In addition to our standard contract terms and conditions, events must adhere to the following special terms:

  • The maximum contribution to any one event will be the value of the hire of the Sheldonian Theatre and its staff.  All third party supplier and other costs associated with the event will apply as normal.
  • University ceremonial events and commercial hire will take precedence.
  • Events under this scheme will not be approved more than six months in advance.
  • If your event is approved, you will acknowledge the Sheldonian Theatre’s support in your event literature and communications and may be asked to contribute to University marketing and communication activities.
  • The Curators may request up to 20 tickets be made available for distribution at their discretion.

To apply for the scheme please email outlining:

  • Your mission or purpose including evidence of your ties to the City of Oxford
  • Your registered charity number
  • Evidence of your collaborative link to the University of Oxford
  • The purpose of the event along with potential dates on which you would like to hold it and the estimated audience size
  • Evidence of your expertise in organising similar sized events previously along with your budget, proposed ticket charges and how you expect to manage the event on the day
  • Any funding applications related to the event and their deadlines.


Good luck!