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What we do?

OUEV supports University departments by operating their space as an event venue. Each of our venues has a primary purpose in line with the University’s core activities and interests. We work hand in hand with you to identify and protect that purpose whilst establishing opportunities for income generation. In the cases of spaces managed by FM Operations, the revenue generated by events, after costs, is used to offset the FM charge for operating the building, resulting in cost savings. In the case of other spaces, any surplus after costs is returned to the Department as an income source.

How does it work?

As OUEV are part of FM, all OUEV venues need to be FM managed buildings.  As an OUEV venue, you would be embedded into our existing systems, processes, and strategy benefiting from a range of marketing and engagement activities to generate business. Our team of professional event venue management experts handle enquiries for the venue and plan and deliver the events. We provide you with regular updates to keep you fully informed of how the business is developing.

Want to know more?

If you already operate an event venue but would be interested in seeking support from OUEV, or you think you have space that has the potential to become an event venue we would be happy to talk to you.

Contact Vickie Dimelow, Head of Oxford University Event Venues at

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Meet the team behind OUEV

Our bright and enthusiastic event venue professionals are based at the stunning Examination Schools.

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Why partner with OUEV?

OUEV are continuously striving to provide the best possible experience for customers and instilling confidence in our venue partners, from greening events to strict venue compliance.

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Discover the OUEV venues

OUEV are currently working with five iconic spaces within the University. Our flexible approach means we can work with a range of venues, from buildings to green space, and able to advise and assist you.

Looking for inspiration?

Our expert team work creatively with our customers to transform each venue to highlight its individual features, guaranteeing unique experiences.

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